courier industry in india

The courier industry in India has come a long way from its origin in modern form in 1980s and thereafter. The industry has grown in size and reach. A significant number of players have scaled up their operations to match the contemporary, world-class professional environment. The industry has invested in information technology systems and set up good processes and proprietary systems capable for handling large volumes. The Indian courier industry size is estimated at Rs. 14,000 crores in 2015-16. As a premium segment, the courier industry is a small but significant segment of the logistics industry. It is one of the fastest growing segments of the industry. The industry is expected to grow at 17% per annum to Rs. 20,000 crores in the next three years. The economic growth in the country and the consequent trade growth will be primary growth driver for the courier industry. The growth in current customer industry segments and expansion into new industry segments will be demand drivers for the courier industry, In addition, increase in reach through expansion of network and new products like temperature-controlled logistics, services for importers and others will provide additional growth of the industry. The courier industry serves as a key enabler for business by providing time-bound logistics services to customer industry segments. Besides providing critical services and aiding economic growth, the courier industry in India has significant contribution to the economy. As a labour intensive industry, the courier industry is estimated to presently employ about 11.9 lakhs persons, directly and indirectly. Based on the growth estimates for the industry, the employee base of the industry, direct and indirect, is expected to grow to 17.2 lakhs by 2015-16. The courier industry also makes significant contribution to the national exchequer with total tax contributions expected to be over Rs 1100 crores in form of service tax and corporate tax. Through this platform we wish to have a consistent dialogue with you. You too, share with us your views & concerns about courier & cargo consignments. So that we could slowly establish a lasting & mutually fulfilling professional relationship!


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