Start your own logistics business with Nonstop Courier and Cargo…Explore!

Nonstop Courier and Cargo Pvt Limited – We are South Asia’s premier courier, and integrated express package Distribution Company.
We have the most extensive domestic network covering over 25,498 locations, and service more than 220 countries and territories worldwide through our Sales alliance with nonstop courier and cargo Pvt ltd, the premier global brand name in express distribution services.
HUB can appoint Master franchisee to support sales within the HUB. These master franchisees are appointed by company Approval. If HUB appoints Master Franchisee, HUB MF will operate vehicles to taken goods from Master Franchisee Area and NONSTOP will take the goods from HUB office.
Requirement will be Rs. 500000/- (Five Lakhs) (INR 100000.00 +GST18% for Brand Fee and 400000+5% GST for Business Coins)Non-Refundable Payment with Office Space 1000-10000 sq. feet
 Franchisee can manage whole Pin-code or Micro City , They can appoint 20 Master Booking Centers under his area limit with company support. All these franchisees business will be shared by the Master franchisee.
Requirement will be Rs.50000/- (Fifty Thousand )
(INR 20000.00 +GST18% for Brand Fee and 30000+5% GST for Business Coins) Non Refundable with Office Space 150-750 sq. feet
It is Purely Free of Cost and they should run any shop at prime location of City
(INR 20000.00+5% GST should Recharge the Coin for Run the Show) Non Refundable with Office Space 50-150 sq. feet
Support & Benefits:
Nonstop will be provide Lighting Board, Business cards, CUG sim cards, T-Shirts with Cap, Delivery Bag, Marketing Kit, Tele calling Support, Marketing Support, Training with Stationeries of LR copy, POD, Manifest, Load Tally, Delivery Run Sheet, Non delivery intimation card, Online login space, software supports
Connect now to know more and join hands with us for a future filled with lucrative returns!
Nonstop Courier and Cargo Team

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